Monday, 8 June 2009

Big brother

god why do they always put weirdos and tarts and fame hungry people in there does my nut in but hey gives me something to watch i suppose.

bit annoyed at the moment just some people saying bout tx and how scary it is and they don't now how they'd cope if it happened to them or it was there child going through it. I know people think it's scary but i look at it as a chance of another go at life again. I'm more scared of being how i am now the rest of my life. sorry to moan i haven't moaned for ages lol but just annoys me. maybe i'm just different and look at things differently. anyway not much to write again really me and my bro had a row about how messy i am. I shouted at him saying he hated caring for me. Bit childish of me but i was tired lol not good to mess with when tired lol. anyway he apologised and said he loves looking after me as i'm his baby sister lol bless. am going to hospital thursday probably for some iv's as it has been 2 months that i haven't had them which is a record for me lol. got dentist next monday. well am off cos my dad will be home soon so it's cup of tea time yay bye bye xx


V_x said...

Do they really say that? Most people I have spoked to look at it like we do, that it's another chance to get my life back and I'll be unstopable after it!! People are strange!! xx

Gemma said...

you two after your txs are going to take over the world! You better still be my friend when your off doing loads of fun things!