Thursday, 30 April 2009

Helping daddy spend

Been chilling out and reading my twlight books the past few days. I finished the 3rd book eclipse i liked it and now have a new found apprication for Jacob Black i actually feel sorry for him and i wanna hug him bless him. Am now on the 4th and final book in the saga :( but am going to try and take this one slow so it doesn't end so quickly lol but then again that won't be hard as the book is bloody huge good 800 pages long lol.

Me and my dad popped out today to look at beds he had one that he really wanted to get me but wanted my approval first so i went and had a look. I loved the bed it is so comfy it's adjustable and all mattress foam. the lady said it comes with a massage unit aswell if i wanted and i looked at my dad and he said yeah she'll take it lol. i hate that he spends so much money on me. Bless him we are looking at wardrobes tomoz gonna get some mirrored door ones.
We also went and bought a new sofa as he really wanted to get one it's beautiful i didn't wanna get up out of it lol.

been having my usual breakfast of cake lol but asda ran out of victoria sponge cake so i got apple and cream sponge cake it's actually really nice though lol. I must rig the docs tomoz to make a phone consultation appointment as need some more drugs lol but can't be bothered to go up there and waste his and my time so gonna ring instead. Plus i can imagine the syrgery is gonna be full of people with cold and flu cos there gonna scared they have swine flu. anyway gonna go get ready to watch the inbetweeners hehe love it bye bye x

Monday, 27 April 2009

cake cake

MMMMMMM CAKE! yes i am still having a whole victoria sponge for breakfast lol My mum popped round yesterday to collect her avon stuff i'd got her. And she said i can't imagine you eating a whole victoria sponge i laughed at said it's gone within 10 mins lol. She then said your looking alot fatter since i last saw you she said my shoulders were fuller. and then she laughed and called me hamster chops hahaha! i then laughed and went oi dad's already clamied that nickname as he had already called me it the night before lol.

I've had a pretty nice weekend as i have just been relaxing and reading my twilight books i am now halfway through the 3rd one but think i'll be finished today as it has gotten so good i can't tear myself away from it lol. Kinda sad though cos afted this book it's the last one and i kinda don't want them to end. :(

Bella is starting to annoy me abit in the books now though with her annoying worrying about jacob and edward it's like hello there vampires and werewolfs duh! not like there weaklings really. she's abit dumb in my eyes lol but maybe that;s cos i like edward yes i like a fictional character i'm sad oh well lol. and she keeps going on and on about being made a vampire like it's the easiest thing for someone to do to her god she does annoy me bloody woman! But i am really enjoying the books.

I dyed my hair the other day as i was bored it kinda a reddy black it's nice well i think so anyway sits nice against my porcelin skin. I was shocked at how pale i actually am the other day when i sat in the garden i was like wow my skin is milky lol but hey i don't care i am who i am :)

had to order bigger sized jeans saturday as my plan to make the ones i had fit didn't work i cut down the waist band and they still didn't do up :( so i bought 4 pairs of size 8 jeans from asda all long of course. Hopefully they'll come tomoz. my dietician rang me friday aswell just seeing how i was doing she laughed at my cake eating aswell lol. and She also let me know my crp was down to 19 which i was pleased about :) and my potassium is normal so all is good. my chest is doing ok at the moment although the past few days i have had this weird thing happen where i cough a couple of times and then aload of gunk just shoots out like a fountain it's freaky lol something lke the exorcist hahaha! but hey better out then in :)

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Bloody nose.

My nose is soooooooooo sore the oxygen specks have really dried it out big time but it's kinda worth it in away cos means i can breath with the specks up there lol whereas if i didn't have them on i'd struggle.

My dad was laughing at me earlier as i was sat on the sofa and somehow i had managed to wrap myself up in my oxygen tube hahaha it was funny i was stuck and couldn't work out what the hell i'd done to get myself so wrapped up. :P

I've been feeling very well since i started taking my doxycyclone full time now which is great but i am still struggling abit with tiredness so am going to start taking potassium tablets again as my potassium does like to drop alot stupid thing.

My dad bought me lot's of asda victoria sponges the other day so that i could freeze some as it has now become my thing to have for breakfast yes a whole vicotria sponge hahaha! mmmm cake!

I just can't get enough! oooooo!

I did have a little cry earlier though i'll admit i asked my brother for help moving my books and stuff so i didn't have to keep going back and forth. And he came down and shouted at me :( I cried after he had gone back upsatirs and then went on strike and stopped everything i was doing and had a nap. He then came down and woke me up and asked if i needed help now. I said no in a sulky voice and told him he had upset me for shouting and he apologised so then i made him hoover hahahaha!

I finished my first twilight book today it wa sooooo good i was so pulled into the story and am totally head over heels in love with the male charcter edward cullen lol sad i know but he is amazing. Am looking forward to curling up in a little bit on the sofa and starting the second book called new moon. So before i can get on with reading i must go and do some physio and nebs and take all my tablets. I really want some cake but must not have any now as i am going to start my feed at about half 10 so must have a empty tummy :P i love having my feeds cos i'm getting a right little porker now. I can't afford a load of new jeans so i have had to cut my old ones on the waist so that i can do them up hahaha but it's cool cos i wear long tops with jeans so no one would know so shhhhhh it's a secret ;) bye for now let's hope for some more lovely sunshine tomoz xx

Monday, 20 April 2009

I just can't get enough!

Of cake and twilight the book lol I got them this afternoon all 4 books and i am on book one still but am now halfway through as i just couldn't tear myself away from it i love it. I like how it takes you away into the world of bella and how she craves edward cullen mmmm! he's fit well the guy who played him in the film was anway lol.

Imagine craving someone so much like she does must be an amazing feeling. can't say i've ever felt that stringly about a guy but then again edward is mystreious and dangerous and that's very attractive. well just thought i'd post that quick topic lol as i'm getting bad at updating this thing.

Friday, 17 April 2009

funny times!

wednesday i went out with my mum and ian to the pet shop i bought Dave some more toys lol he's spoilt. Then went back to theres for a cup of tea and dinner.

Thursday was clinic eeek! I was very nervous but all went well my mum came along for support. My weight has gone up to 48.7kgs i am now 7 stone 10 haven't been that for years lol. lung function is also stable so no iv's again thank god if i need them i don't mind having them but if the docs think i'm doing ok not on them then cool. so all went well i got extra tubing for my concentrator as i couldn't move very far on it. but now with extra tubing i can go in the garden move about in the kitchen and even answer the front door on it it's great :) am so happy now.
I ordered the whole series of the twilight books for 35 quid on ebay brand new copies. they should be here soon. also ordered 2 of katie prices books as her frist one was really good.

I don't plan on doing much today as i'm so tired also worked out why i find it hard to sleep at night. It's because i haven't been having my fan on. since having it on i'm out like a light lol. also my dad bought a new tv the other day it's bloody massive and very nice i like it loads. :) anyway i'm off to surf the net some more bye bye xxx

Sunday, 12 April 2009

13 parcels

as the title says i am awaiting a tota; of 13 parcels tut bad Jo ebay really is evil and addictive. my mum keeps shwoing me betty boop stuff on there aswell so of course i buy it lol. anway so postman is going to love me this week and my brother is gonna be pleased hahaha! not! but oh well i deserve some nice things i have done well lately.

it's easter today and i'm bored bored. my mum popped over this morning to see me and my bro and she got me a little betty boop compact mirror and a notebook betty boop style of course. and she got me a lovely white chocolate egg. mmmmm i like white chocolate.
my dad got me a box of roses choccies and a box of milk tray. and also he bought me some baseball boots pink ones hehe! haven't got them yet though there one of the parcels i am waiting for. :)

god there is nothing on tv boredom is annoying might just have a little nap me thinks.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

bad ebay!!!!

I got some money today and the first thing i did was donate some to poozie's donation page. Then i couldn't decide if i should buy the jacket i wanted or not. I didn't and eneded up on ebay buying things lol I bought 2 betty boop handbags. 1 weekend bag betty boop of course and a denim jacket and some phone charms and i am bidding on anothr denim jacket and some betty boop cushions lol naughty ebay oh i also bout some baseball boots cos i have wanted some for ages and was telling my dad and he was like i want some to so i got him a pair also lol obviously his aren't pink though hahaha! so yes i spent quite a bit on ebay but not as much as i thought i would have lol bargains on there. anyway i also got vicky a little get well teddy hopefully she'll receive it tuesday as it's a bank holiday weekend. my dvd came today so been watching that and eating cake lol i already had the dvd but this was the extended version it was sex and the city the movie. good film lol.

My ex bf told me this morning he wants to wait for me till after my transplant cos he can't move on cos he compares every girl to me. So erm yeah whateva he prob won't but there ya go lol i know him to well. i know he cares in his own weird way for me but i just don't see him waiting around cos i don't even know how long it's gonna take lol. anyways it's that time again nebs and physio well not in that order lol x

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

No more please!

Suzy aka poozie on the cf forum passed away in her sleep the other night it was gutted when i heard the news. I knew she was in hospital and having iv's but i didn't realise how bad she was till her husband posted on the forum. She never let on how bad she was as this seemed to help her cope with everything. She is gonna be very much missed on the forum not just by me but by pretty much all the regular posters on there. RIP Suzy. I am gonna be donating to her just giving page tomoz when i get some money and i'm gonna send vicky who is having a rough time in hospital a little something aswell. I was gonna take a break from the forums but know that the people who have passed wouldn't want that they'd want us all to stay strong and keep fighting and helping eachother in anyway we can (mostly just chatting on here cos remember people! talking face to face is a big no nono) although it never used to be. anyway so yesterday was quite a sad day i didn't feel like doing alot so just cuddled up with my dog on the sofa and watched tv. I think he sensed i was upset. My mum rang me up aswell she worries wheneva someone passes away on the forum incase i was close to them which i guess i kinda was to poozie we always chatted bout dave and alfie and how similar they are so my mum guessed i'd be upset had a nice chat with her on the phone told her how unfair life and cf is at that point i think she was wellling up down the phone. So i reasurred her that i am going to be around for years to come and that her and my daddy don't have to worry about that. And she said i know you will babe i have a strong feeling your gonna get your new lungs this year. which is scary cos i have the same feeling also. And that's not me trying to make myself feel better but i really do i think cos i've been told i'm such a good common blood and tissue type that i feel i will get called pretty quickly.

Today has been another chilled day just relaxing and thinking about the future ahead of me and all the great things i'm going to do. i have my o2 off today as i am breathing really well without which is great but at some point that feeling will go again lol least it's giving my nose a nice rest poor thing is so sore from the nasel specks eeeek!
I was hoping my dvd would arrive today but it didn't so am hoping it comes tomoz. I must order my new jacket tomoz i'm treating myself as i am getting so fat lol i love it i looked in the mirror today and laughed cos i look like i have a tiny baby bump lol it was funny but amazing cos haven't been this fat or felt this good about myself for ages i hardly wear my baggy jogging bottoms when i go out anymore well saying that there no longer baggy on me lol there all tight hahaha! but i actually put on nice tops and nice trousers now whereas when i was really thin i wouldn't i'd hide under massive hoodies. but now i got something to flaunt lol. need to buy new bras tomoz aswell as the ladies are getting rather big also lol.

My dietician phoned me up today to check how things are going i said the feed s going well no problems at all doing it every night. I said i'm eating little and often instead of filling myself up to the point that i wanna burst which she said is a good idea. My mum and ian (her fiancee) are off work next week so i shall be spending sometime with them which will be nice me and my mum are going to go shopping might wait til then to get some new bras me thinks. And Ian is taking me clinic on thursday i'm excited cos i am wondering what my weight is now lol. anyway enough jabbering on from me lol oh by the way i have a new word that i keep calling my dog and cat giblet lol love it!

Monday, 6 April 2009

I want it eeeek!

I know i shouldn't have but i did! I looked on the asda direct website and looke at the clothes i just thought i'd browse but stupid me i found a jacket that i must have i love it and want it. I am going to get it thursday hehe!

I have the sorest nose in the world today my o2 is really drying it out so everytime i blow my nose it's dry and hard ewwww! also getting nose bleeds.
Been reding the paper today it's full of stuff about Jade Goody and her funeral. Now don't get me wrong i feel so sorry for her and her family and her little boys. But i was actually rather offended about her being compared to princess diana. Diana was such an amazing lady who helped people across the world and stood up to the royals! Jade Goody was just someone from a tv show personally i couldn't stand her in big brother she done my head in. I would never wish what happened to her on anyone and again it's a shame she died at such a young age and left her 2 boys without a mother. And it is great that she has raised awareness for cervical cancer and to get tested. But she just doesn't compare to lady di simple as!

I upset my best mate yesterday i didn't mean to but i was so tired as hadn't slept much the night before. Her bf's 9 year old son said i hope you die to her she was upset obviously. But i said teel your bf about it apparently she did and he told his son to apologise. But she was still upset and said he talks to me like shit cos my bf does. I said why are you with him then? an she said cos she lov'es him. I then said but all you do is complain about him. i know sounds harsh but she does. anyway must go as it's time for a nice bath before i do physio and nebs!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

I got the date!

Friday I received a phone call from Harefield. They said they were very pleased with my weight an that they should book a date in the diary for assesement as all the dates were being taken up by other patients. so Mine is the 25th of May just gotta get to 50kgs but not far off now so not to worried. Just keep up the feeds and eat as much as i can that's the best i can do and also keep my chest clear which isn't easy lol.

The past week all i have done is sleep as my new tablets seem to like knocking me out lol. But i think there working well. I haven't really done much to be honest as been feeling very tired so just been eating and sleeping.

Jenson Button won the grand prix again this weekend yay i was so pleased. although the race had to be stopped as the rain was so bad but still he won so i don't care lol. I found it hard to sleep last night think i have slept to much over the past week lol so am abit grumpy today. My chest is a bit tight today though but i put that down to lack of sleep my chest always plays up if i don't get a decent amount of sleep. Fingers crossed i get a decent amount tonight lol.

Thursday, 2 April 2009


I called this blog ummmm cos i can't think of a title lol my brain isn't working to well at the moment lol. So tuesday i went to hospital to get checked over as was starting to feel really pants again! chest was tight and full of crap! and my appetite has gone which i'm really annoyed about as i'm 1 and abit kgs off my target weight! anyway. they gave me some new antibiotic to try that i have never had before it's called doxycyclone. i had to have a double dose the first time i had it and it made me wanna vomit lol it's a oral drug by the way. The docs didn't wanna stick me on iv's as it was only 20 days that i finished a dose so they were willing to look at other avenues as i was pretty keen to avoid iv's if possible so on this drug for a 2 week course i go back to clinic on the 16th and if my lung function hasn't changed then i will have iv's. My crp has jumped from below 2 to 22 now so somethings going on. my potassium was a tiny bit low aswell so am taking potassium tablets for that. my lung function is 0.6/1.27 so it is rather low it's normally in the 0.8's and 1.5's :( my weight is 48.3kgs which is fab but i'm so worried now cos my appetite is pants so i'm considering doing extra feeds during the day to keep my weight up. can't lose it. On a good note though my chest feels pretty good now i am taking mucodyne to loosen all the gunk and since i've been on o2 constantly my chest pain hasn't made a appearance although i'm occasionally getting the pain down my right arm but i'm not to bothered cos it ain't my chest lol. Been really happy recently cos i managed to find the first 2 episodes of the tudors season 3 online so watched them and they were brialliant just gotta keep my eyes peeled for episode 3 lol. Also got my huge betty boop statue today ready for when my bedroom is all done up. having it done betty style scarlet red with lot's of betty boop pics and a clock etc lol i got 2 duvet covers of betty boop aswell hehe! yes i'm betty mad :P

my betty pic above isn't she fab! i want another one aswell of her in a pink dress think my mum is going to get it for my birthday. 25 this year bloody hell how amazing is that. My mum wanted to get me a iphone but i don't like them there to big and heavy so betty will do me instead lol.

anyway it's physio and nebs time so must go and get on with that to keep my lungies well :) bye bye