Thursday, 28 May 2009

i'm listed!

Well i'm home and listed lol but i'm not active yet as need to get my teeth sorted was told if i just need fillings then i can be activated after seeing the dentist but if i need teeth removing then i can't be activated till that's done but the dentist i am seeing is gonna try and do her best to get it all done asap which is fab! my room is all finished aswell will post pics up at some point. this is just a quick blog as am shattered lol will update properly tomoz. But wanted to say thanks to evryone who has messaged me and who has been postive for me you all know who you are :) xx

Sunday, 24 May 2009

nearly that time

It's nearly here harefield time. I'm not as nervous as i have been over the weekend i have mangeded to calm myself down. i was a bit of a mess mid week about it all but realised i was being silly and have now pulled myself together lol.

I got ym new car on friday i love it. my dad loves it aswell as obviously he has to drive it cos i can't drive yet. lol
got y new bed coming wednesday so that when i get out of harefield i can sleep in my room yay. I also spoilt a surprise that my dad had for me lol he bought me something that is also coming wednesday but he refused to say what it was. So me being me decided to try and guess i kept guessing wrong until i went in my room and looked around then looked at the telly on the floor and though hmmm maybe he's got a new one. So i then said you've got me a new tv haven't you his reply was how'd you know that. which gave it all away lmao. apparently it's red to match my theme of my room. i'll pst pics up when my bed is in. cos then it'll be finished properly. i can't wait :)

I'm all packed for harefield my mum came over yesterday and took my washing to do for me. and then brought it back today and helped me pack. I don't have to go in till the afternoon as it's a bank holiday so no tests will start till tuesday. my dad bought som scales ysterday as i haven't got any to weigh myself. I weighed myself today and i am now 54.9kgs i am so pleased never weighed this much in my life :) wohooo!

Monday, 18 May 2009

funky munky!

Been a boring day today not done much. my mum came round to help me move all my clothes into my new wardbrobe. my new bed is hopefully coming thrusday and picking my new car up on friday so busy week ahead as tomoz got carper fitters coming and wednesday my new chest of drawers are also coming argh! lol

my dad has been painting today so been limited to were i can go am stuck downstairs now i really want a bath but all the wood work is wet so can't have one. will have one tomoz after the carpet is fitteed and am free to roam the house again lol. had another 2 big macs today lol mmmmm!

found a wicked website to edit pics on it's wicked. heres one i made earlier

Sunday, 17 May 2009

been a while

Gosh I'm bad at updating this thing lol. Well not really much to put to be honest I'm still munching my cakes for breakfast. and also remember that pink and black jacket i couldn't decide if i should buy it or not? well it was reduced to half price the other day so i bought it he he.
my room is finally finished being painted and the red i picked is perfect for my Betty boop theme. also my new wardrobe is up and it's huge lol. The chest of drawers i wanted are to big to fit in my room so have ordered some new smaller ones. they will be here Wednesday. My dad is busy painting the downstairs hallway and upstairs hallway as we have new carpet being fitted Tuesday. My car number plate should be released tomoz so once that's done i can get a date ready to pick the car up yay. can't wait but will miss my red Betty :( I am getting nervous about harefield as it gets closer eeeeek! I'm still waiting for my new bed to arrive my dad is gonna ring them tomoz and find out if they can give us a date for it. Also not getting a stair lift now as our stairs are to awkward for one to go in. but I'll manage some how the exercise will do me good i guess lol. well everyone will try and update this better then i have been. am going for a cup of tea now and to watch deal or no deal lol

Friday, 8 May 2009

hey fatty fatty!

So got to clinic on Thursday and was so nervous. I got onto the scales and as soon as i stepped on them it said 50kgs and kept going up and evenutally stopped at 53.4kgs i was in shock lol i knew i'd gained weight but hadn't expected to be that much lol I am very pleased and happy now that's one hurdle out the way. My dietician said she is pleased and can now take me off the worried weight list lol. Harefield can now not refuse me on my weight. They also think i'll be able to keep it on aswell if i keep doing feeds which i plan to as i am in a routine with them now.

I bought some new tops yesterday lol some nice blue ones for summer woo! there baggy ones so they'll hide my fat pot belly hehe not that i'm ashamed of it just like to keep it covered over.
also ordered my new wardbrobe yesterday which will be here next thursday my dad is gonna start doing my room next week. bought some books aswell to keep me occupied. I watched twilight again last night love that film can't wait for new moon to come out in november! :D anyway must go and do my neb take care all x

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

New reading material

So i have finished the twilight saga and my gosh i really enjoyed it. Am sad it's had to end but now i must move on to find some new stuff to read. i have both of katie prices autobiographys to read. But i'll prob get through them quickly so am looking at other stuff to seen some books that look good. Got my mum coming over tomoz to help box stuff up in my room as next week my dad is going to be gutting it. I wanted it painted red but i hate the samples i got so now have to look around again! not really got much to say other then my cat is better now he had a big fight and hurt his jaw and just kept meowing and hiding around the house but he is ok now thank god i was very upset he is my baby after all.

My belly is huge aswell i look so pregnant lol i think i am over 50kgs now looking at myself. soon find out wedneday lol. well must dash as gotta go do some physio then start my feed.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

new car

Me and my dad went to look at wardbrobes the other day and he said would i like a new car. Now as some of you know i don't drive but in 2007 i bought myself a little red polo to learn in as i was going to start lessons. But my health got bad so i couldn't carry on learning. So that was put on hold but i decided i wanted to keep my car as it wasn't costing me much and my dad could use it when it was raining etc (his car doesn't like the rain it wheel spins and is expesive to run petrol wise lol) So he government have this new scrapping scheme coming in on the 18th of may so we went and looked at cars and he was keen on a hyundai i10 i had no idea what one looked like so he went to show me one and i really liked it. He said would you like it then and i was taken back saying no it's to much money etc. and he mentioned the government scheme saying that if i scrap my old car they'll give me 2 grand towards a new one. So i met all the criteria for that i had to be the registered keeper which i am and i have had to have owned the car for 2 years or more which again i have and also the car had to be a certain age which my car is a good 12 years old. so it took 2 grand off the brand new car and my dad payed the rest towards it. I can't wait to get it it's black so am naming it black betty. i get to choose the number plate i want as it's brand new which will be cool. and after my tx i can learn to drive and drive black betty hehe! until then my dad will drive her and his car. :)

Have be carrying on with my cake diet lol all is going well i look a good four months pregnant hahaha my size 8 jeans don't fit me on my hips now argh! it's annoying so need to work out what to do about them maybe i'll cut them down the waist band to make them a bit looser!.

I am nearly finished my 4th twlight book i was going to read it slowly but so much was going on and i couldn't put it down cos i wanted to know what was happening lol i am really enjoying it though hehe. can't really say much about it cos it will ruin it for those who haven't read it yet.