Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Really getting bad at this

Hello bloggers! yes it is i bad blogger lol i have been so bad at updating this lately so have quite a bit to tell.

I had my first dentist appointment on monday the 15th and she had a look at my teeth to see what needed to be done she said i need 5 teeth out and 3 fillings. she didn't do any work that first day as it was just a meeting to see what needed doing and when we can do it all. She did clean my teeth for me though which was nice and told me and showed me how to clean my teeth properly. I then booked 3 appointments which i got upset about as wanted it done asap.
But things are going better then i thought. Anyway i went back on the 22nd for my first treatment she filled 2 of my teeth and pulled 2 teeth out it was abit of a pain trying to get this 1 tooth out as it didn't wanna come lol the worse thing about having teeth out i find is the taste of the injection stuff lol ewwww! and of course after the treatments done your dribbling everywhere and have a lisp when you talk cos your mouth and tongue are numb lol.
Anyway after she'd fnished she called my mum and told her i'd done well which i had didn't flinch or complain at all :) and that i need to rest the whole day and not to rinse my mouth out till the following day and to give me pain killers for the pain. so got back to my mum's where her partner ian kepting saying what to everything i was saying when you could understand me perfectly well ok not 100% perfectly but my mum could lol. i fell asleep and then woke up complaing that my mouth hurt so was given some solphadeine which done the trick. anyway i had end of iv's meeting at hospital on thursday and was in alot of pain with my tooth still the one she took out at the back hadn't hurt once. so at hospital i was very quiet and said i was in pain with my mouth and one nurse said my face did look swollen. she wanted to take blood but i wasn't in the mood for her to train on me lol then the other nurse did it but cos my veins are so big and bouncy it kept moving and it actually really hurt so i asked her to remove it and not continue. also couldn't do lung function cos i was in so much pain pretty much a wasted trip!
on way home i text my mum and said surely i shouldn't be in this much pain still. so she rang the dentist and they said it sounds like dry socket can you bring her down asap. so i told my dad i needed to go dentist we had just got in from hospital and he was a bit annoyed cos he was tired and hungry. we got there and i had to wait 15 mins to be seen i was crying at this point cos thought my dad was in a mood with me and cos i was in pain. anyway when i was called in the dentist had a look at my tooth and said there was food debry in there and that it had become infected! so she said she will put a special filling the hole that will clean it she asked if i wantd to be numbed up for it i said no cos didn't no she'd actually be using anything sharp or poking it. well my mistake she started scrapping in the hole with a sharp thing and it hurt so much that my feet shook. and then she put the stuff in my god it tasted awful ergh! but within 10 mins the pain had gone it was fab! she also gave me some antibiotics for the infection aswell.

That night my mate text me about icheal jackson and that he had apparently he had died shock! i thought it was a joke but nope t was true. he also had a ticket for the concert. anyway at half 4 that morning i was vomitting my feed came up all of it! it burnt my nose and throat.
that morning when my mum came to pick me up and i was not feeling well at all.
we got to the dental surgery and i was sitting there and i said she's only doing a filling today this isn't going to be finished next thursday :( but when she got m in the room she said that cos of my upper tooth she could't do the filing so could she pull the 2 bottom teeth out i jumped at the chance of getting rid of 2 more teeth :) so 2 more gone got one more left to come out on thrusday and one more filling. it also turned out after speaking to my gp the pills for my infection were to strong so have had to cut the pills in half and have half twice a day.

also me and my dad had a little tiff and i ended up sitting in the kitchen he came out 10 miins later and we pretty much forgot about it all and were talking bout his work etc.
then the phone rang. and i answered it it was my grandad and he was like is that joanne i was like yeah he was like i don't like what you put on your facebook status and i have commented on it. i was like what? he said i put that's not facebook material to which i replied it's my profile i'll put what i want he said but everyone can see it i said so it's my profile. then he asked for my dad so i passed the phone to him. he was like what you said to upset Jo. and then i heard my dad saying it's her profile dad that's her place to vent. she can put what she wants. then my dad said well i'm getting pissed off with this i had my sister texting me the other night asking what drug jo was taking and is it legal and do i know about it. my dad was not amused. anyway my dad said bye and then i got upset thinking that i had caused a massive row between them my dad said not at all my dad was angry that he had rung to complain it's nothing to do with him.

anyway what i put was something about i'm always in the wrong in this house and my brother gets away with everything even tho he treats me like shit.

anyway they prob won't talk to me now my grandparents but there ya go not like they know me anyway


Sophie-Anne said...

sorry ur having bit of a bad time at the moment. Hope u manage to get everything sorted soon xx

V_x said...

lol yeah I saw that and put a comment after his :)