Thursday, 11 June 2009

iv's time

So am back on iv's hospital went well everyone was pleased to see how well i had done with my weight they were shocked and couldn't believe it. i am dead on 9 stone now never been that much ever. I got angry and upset tho cos the physio kept goin on at me to excerisie saying now the weight is on i need to excersise i was like erm i would if i could breathe better i get exhausted just getting dressed or going to the toilet. she just kept going on and on and she always moaned when i didn't cough alot up and i told her i was coughing loads up since being on mucodyne and she said that's not right the amount i'm coughing up argh can't bloody win. Then i'm being told i'm the same as everyother cf patient and i said i beg to differ no 2 people are the same everyones body reacts differently to things which is true i mean i'm allergic to ceft and other cf's aren't but might be allergic to something i am not so that is my point no 2 people are the same. but she wouldn't shut up my mum was gonna say somthing but knew that i'd say something eventually which i did. I said to her look this is why me and the other physio fell out so lets just cut this conversation now before it gets into a argument. so she shut up!

after about 20 mins she walked past my room again and i tell ya if looks could kill i would of fallen down dead lol but hey i don't care everyone else is pleased with me. also the physio said i am not looking after myself by not coming in to get iv's erm dur that's why i was there for i was the one who asked to come down to get iv's god!!!

i was back with my ex but today after seeing something on his facebook profile i said that it's over. This may sound so petty and stupid but it has really upset me. My ex best friend and i obviously don't talk and i hate her she said before xmas i didn't deserve new lungs and that using a wheelchair was just pure lazyness so i hit back with really horrible things to. But anyway a few weeks back it was her birthday and i found out that my bf/ex was going out that night so knowing that one of his mates was going out with my ex best mate i had a gut feeling that he was going aswell. Loan behold pictures turned up on his facebook profile of him out for her birthday so i said he should of told me and that i was not impressed as he knows how hurt i am cos of her comments he should be supportive of me. Anyway he said he never spoke to her or anything. Then i said ok promise me you'll never add her to facebook. He promised and then today i looked at his profile and he had added her i was gutted and feel so bloody stupid as everyone keeps telling me and it just don't sink in argh!!!!! stupid me. anyway am going to start getting my iv's mixed as gotta mix them myself for tonight and tomoz morning. bye bye everyone x


V_x said...

I'm going to side a little bit with the physio here. You really do need to excercise as much as you can!! I go into the hospital once a week and do an hour exercise with Lisa our Physio. I think the main thing to do is work on your upper body strength - I think this is the most important because this is the area cut during the transplant. If you do exercises for your upper body you will more than likely have an easier recovery after the op. Ask the physio about things you can do sitting down!! :) Being on the transplant list isn't just waiting you need to work at staying as healthy as you can xx

Woody said...

I think you've got to find a balance with exercise and physio between pushing yourself and not pushing yourself too hard so that you exhaust yourself. The healthier you can keep yourself, the easier it will be post-transpant xx

Anonymous said...

You seem like a very bitter person.