Friday, 19 June 2009

the joys of iv's

So am now midway through my 2 week course. my stomach is not happy i have the runs but i am still eating loads lol. Had my second venflon put in yesterday as my other one leaked so i removed it myself. i have thrush in my mouth and stupid cold sores on my lips ouchies!!! but it's all worth it if i makes my lungs better from this flare up.

got dentist monday and am having some teeth out possibly 2 lol all i had done this monday just gone was my teeth assesed and cleaned which was cool i need 5 teeth removed and 2 fillings but main thing is that the teeth are taken out. i can be listed with needing fillings. got a new phone for my birthday which isn't till 20th july but my mum thought i deserved it early. only problem is she got me the wrong one that i wanted lol she wasn't happy with it anyway. she got a nokia n95 for her birthday and now wants to get me one lol so am getting another phone for my birthday now. lol bless her


Gemma said...

five teeth? ouch!

Sophie-Anne said...

awww hope ur ok jo!! bloody ivs - i always get the runs and thrush too but hope u start feeling better soon xx good luck with the dentist!! xx